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Hawks Nest Condominiums
Latest News
Upcoming Projects
The Board recently met and approved the following projects:
Power washing the Siding of all Buildings - will take place in spring/summer.  Look for further notice on what to expect and when your building will be completed.
Painting the interior of the garden unit buildings.  All previously painted surfaces inside the breezeways of the garden units will be painted including entry doors, siding, floors, railings, etc.  Look for further notice on what to expect and when your building will be completed.  Owners will need to pay attention to when the floors are being painted and when they can and cannot be walked on.
Other Projects on the Horizon
With the strong winds over the last couple weeks, the buildings have sustained wind damage and the Association is looking into filing an insurance claim.  If you notice shingles and/or siding missing, please contact the management company at 636-477-7622.
Exterior painting will be done in the summer and will include the the wood carports, the metal carport roofs and possibly entry doors to the townhome units.
2019 Information Sheets
The Association recently mailed end of year information to all owners which includes information sheets for 2019.  Please complete the forms and mail back by January 30, 2019.  It is crucial to have this information in case of emergencies.  Forms can be found here.
Safety First
No neighborhood is immune to crime.  We encourage neighbors to look out for each other.  Check out the following websites for additional safety related information:
Fence/Deck Maintenance and Paint Color Change!
Owners are responsible for maintaining their decks and fence enclosures.  Please take time to inspect your deck and/or fence enclosure and make repairs and repaint as needed.  The Association has made a change with the paint color and the yellow color is no longer being used.
Effective April 2, 2015 decks and fence enclosures must be painted with a WHITE EXTERIOR PAINT.
The Association's trash company, Allied Waste/Republic Services hasa started a recycling programs at Hawks Nest.
There are now two dumpsters located at each dumpster location-one to be used for normal trash and the other to be used for recycling.  The recycling dumpster will have a white lid and the front of it will be labeled recycling.
Both dumpsters will be emptied two times per week-Tuesdays and Fridays.
Please make sure to throw trash in the trash dumpster and recyclable items in the dumpster specifically for recycling.  The following is a list of items that can and cannot be recycled.
Cardboard, newspapers, magazines, junk mail, phone books, folders, tin, steel and aluminum cans, glass containers, milk and juice cartons, wine cartons/bottles, soup cans, plastic containers with recycling symbol #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7.
Paper towels, tissues/kleenex, wet waste, food waste, electronics, wood, furniture, matresses, box springs, couches, diapers, wet wipes, feminie hygiene products, #6 plastic including polystyrene foam and styrofoam.

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Hawks Nest Condominiums
c/o Personalized Association Management
5217 Roanoke Drive
Weldon Spring, MO  63304
636-477-7622 Office
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